A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a Metroid inspired game, but has elements to stand out as a different game.  It's an exploration game that's very open ended to the players, where they will have to figure out how to get all the upgrades and when to use them.

Install instructions

***PLEASE READ*** once you download the game and unzip the folder, you'll have to go into the folder and click on the file with the Unity icon.

*****This game requires a controller to play.*****


Diorimo-Linux.zip 231 MB
Diorimo-Mac.zip 217 MB
Diorimo-Win_x86.zip 214 MB
Diorimo-Win_x86-64.zip 217 MB

Development log


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This is pretty awesome! I was a little confused by where to go (and glitched through some walls?) but I liked how there were different areas, and the player character (3D model) was pretty cool.

Maybe you can add a little more feedback/guidance to the player, but overall nice job on the game so far! :D